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  • SMD 3030SMD 3030
  • LED flood light 150WLED flood light 150W
  • LED flood light 100WLED flood light 100W
  • LED flood light 50WLED flood light 50W
  • led flood light 20Wled flood light 20W
  • LED highbay 350W-400WLED highbay 350W-400W
  • LED highbay 250-300WLED highbay 250-300W
  • LED highbay 150W-200WLED highbay 150W-200W
  • LED highbay 80W-100WLED highbay 80W-100W
  • LED ceiling light 30WLED ceiling light 30W
  • LED ceiling light 24WLED ceiling light 24W
  • LED ceiling light 18wLED ceiling light 18w
  • LED ceiling light 12WLED ceiling light 12W
  • LED smart ceiling light 20WLED smart ceiling light 20W
  • LED Smart ceiling light 14WLED Smart ceiling light 14W
  • LED downlight COB 40WLED downlight COB 40W
  • LED Downlight COB 30WLED Downlight COB 30W
  • LED Downlight COB 20WLED Downlight COB 20W
  • LED Downlight 20WLED Downlight 20W
  • LED Downlight 15WLED Downlight 15W
  • LED Downlight 5WLED Downlight 5W
  • LED downlight 25WLED downlight 25W
  • LED downlight 18WLED downlight 18W
  • LED Downlight 9WLED Downlight 9W
  • LED Filament bulb 6WLED Filament bulb 6W
  • LED Filament bulb 4WLED Filament bulb 4W
  • LED Filament bulb 3.3WLED Filament bulb 3.3W
  • LED Filament Bulb 3WLED Filament Bulb 3W
  • LED Bulb 1.6WLED Bulb 1.6W
  • LED Tube 1.5M 24WLED Tube 1.5M 24W
  • LED tube 0.6m 8WLED tube 0.6m 8W
  • LED Tube 1.2m 18WLED Tube 1.2m 18W
  • LED Round panel 25WLED Round panel 25W
  • LED Round panel 15WLED Round panel 15W
  • LED Round Panel 9WLED Round Panel 9W
  • LED Panel 50WLED Panel 50W
  • LED Panel 20WLED Panel 20W
  • LED Panel 48WLED Panel 48W
  • LED PanelLED Panel
  • 節能燈節能燈
  • 燈罩燈罩
  • LED PanelLED Panel
  • LED PanelLED Panel

Application Case

  • LED smart ceiling light
  • LED Downlight shipping mall
  • LED Downlight Office
  • LED Downlight residential
  • LED Downlight
  • LED panel bathroom
  • LED Panel 300x1200
  • LED Panel 300x300
  • LED panel square
  • Filament bulb
  • LED Filament bulb light
  • LED filament bulb
  • LED Highbay
  • LED Highbay
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  • LED floodlight
  • LED flood light
  • LED Highbay


COB LED market to reach $9180m by 2020

The global chip-on-board LED market is expected to reach $9179.7m by 2020, according to the report Ch ...